Committee Overview

Student Fee Advisory Committee
Kerr Hall, Room 165

Advisor to the committee: Lucy Rojas
(831) 459-1676

Committee Membership

SFAC members are appointed for two-year terms and develop a significant level of expertise about the campus budgeting policies and processes. The committee is recognized across campus for its essential role as the voice of students in matters involving student fees and the student-focused services and programs the fees support. SFAC members demonstrate effective leadership, professionalism, and a high sense of responsibility to ensure the appropriate use of student fees. Committee membership includes:

  • 10 undergraduate students recommended by the SUA’s Student Committee on Committees, which attempts to identify a representative for each of the colleges;
  • Two graduate students recommended by the Graduate Student Association;
  • One staff-at-large representative recommended by the Staff Advisory Board;
  • One faculty-at-large representative recommended by the Council of Provosts; and
  • Additional non-voting members: ex-officio representative of the Student Union Assembly, representative of the Planning and Budget Office, and adviser from the Division of Student Affairs and Success.